About History Martinez

My goal for History Martinez is to provide a resource and information site for students, teachers, and anyone else who may have a passion or interest in social studies.

This author is a high school social studies teacher who enjoys reading, writing, researching, exploring and traveling. 

This site also provides my students with an opportunity to access course information, assignments and content resources.

Please feel free to leave feedback, after all this is a work in progress.



26 Responses to About History Martinez

  1. Karl Heuterman says:

    Thanks for the site. With regard to the Chief Joseph/Nez Perce site I would differ with your characterization of them as being “Sioux”. Quite simply, they were a distinct band. Also, I would characterize them as “plateau” as opposed to “plains” Indians. Curious what your take on this is. Thanks in advance.

    Karl Heuterman

    • I am glad you enjoy the site. I do not disagree with your observations, it is difficult to catagorize any group of peoples into fixed categories and especially those who dwelled on such large expanses of territory. The primary source content of this is from Joy Hakim’s books, she is very popular with my students.

  2. Robert says:

    Thanks for the great powerpoints. Good Stuff!

    • Glad that you enjoyed the powerpoints. For me, as a teacher, it is always nice to have additional resources at hand. Also, my hope is that this site provides an alternative avenue for my students to review, or peak their curiousity, about a certain subject in social studies.

  3. alyssa says:

    For the History fair ptoject
    We need a little help on what our poster requires.
    were doing the electric chair.

    • Go to the history fair catagory link on this website. Look under exhibit for direction and examples. In a nutshell, you are required to locate primary source documents and images that support how the “electric chair” revolutionized the implementation of the death penalty in the United States (made a big impact), as well as the reaction and results of your topic. A good exhibit also has a clear title, captions, and descriptions.

  4. I am a first year teacher- and your website is fantastic! Thank you for showing me new ways to increase rigor and incorporate primary sources! If you ever get a moment, I would love to pick your brain (my email’s below!)

    🙂 Again, thank you!

  5. Just looked at your slide show re history of GI Bill. Excellent! I’m in need of photos like the ones in this show to use in creating a PSA for the Hire Our Heroes current push to high our new veterans. Where did you get these photos? Can I use any of them for this purpose?

    Alan Salisbury

    • Thank you for the compliment. Most of the images I use our from the internet or from books. You are are free to use my personal photographs listed under the same heading “personal photographs.” For your project, I recommend you use public domain images from the National Archives. You will find everything you need there. It will save you alot of time and worry.

  6. John Humbertson says:

    Great sight…stumbled onto it….enjoyed your presentations.

    I am retired Marine…24 years….using the GI Bill to become a Social Studies teacher. Bookedmarked your site for future reference. It’s obvious you love your job.

  7. Student says:

    Hi, I’m a student working on a History Day project. I would like to know a little bit of information about the cite so I can cite it. Specifically, Im using your Apollo 11 recording. So if you can tell me:

    *Name of the Website
    *Name of the Publisher
    *Date of Publication
    *Title of the Apollo 11 Audio Clip

    That would help out tremedilsy. Thanks

  8. Paul Scott says:

    Your Powerpoint on the Mexican revolution and Woodrow Wilson was a lifesaver. Thanks!

  9. Jake Weatherred says:

    I’m a first year U.S. History teacher on Chicago’s West-side and just wanted to say how grateful and appreciative I am of the high-quality resources your selflessly providing access to. I agree with Alyssa, these primary documents are invaluable in challenging students and providing depth and perspective to historical events. Reviewed Tecumseh’s speech to the Osages with my honors class this past week and it was very well received. Any chance to spark interest with document-based questions leading to higher order discussion questions which ask students to use literacy skills is a great opportunity for our class. Thanks again!

    • Thank you for the kind words. I am only too glad to share resources and ideas. I was always told that borrowing is the greatest compliment you can pay another teacher. I am always borrowing – so how can I not share? Bottom-line, if it helps our students – that’s perfect. Best wishes on the remaining school year.

  10. msclement says:

    Hi there! Thanks for the doc re: Panama Canal Zone. I am writing my MA thesis on the Pan Canal Zone of yore and wonder if you might help me figure out where you got the document, for proper citation?
    Also– others like it? E.g., the Carter treaties? Any tips would be superb. Thanks! Gracias!

    • Panama Canal Treaty, The American Experience:The History and Culture of the United States through Speeches, Letters, Essays, Articles, Poems, Songs, and Stories, edited by Erik Bruun and Jay Crosby, Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Inc., New York, NY., 2012., pp. 504-506.

  11. Elee says:

    Please and thank you.

  12. Robert J. Cordts says:

    Do you mind if I use your Scopes Trial PowerPoint almost verbatim? Your presentation is outstanding.

  13. Jeanette Poerson says:

    Thank you so much for your awesome powerpoints, they really helped the students learn and love history. Love Ms. Poerson (-; Feel free to contact me anytime

  14. Jeanette Poerson says:

    Hello Ms. Poerson here again just wondering why I haven’t heard anything from you. Remember feel free to contact me anytime (-;

    • Ms.Poerson, I am happy that the site has been helpful. I have not been too diligent with new postings lately. Hopefully, I will have some time this summer to clean up the site. What subjects do you teach, where do you teach? We have our state assessments during the first week in May. I always feel like I get my life back after that point. I applaud the efforts you make as a teacher. I certainly wish you a great remainder of the school year. Again, thanks for the compliments…let me know if there is any subject content you would like to see on the site. I think of my site as a storage cabinet – pull when I need something additional. All my best, Rob

  15. Ms. Martinez says:

    Getting ready to plan this week with team for next year and appreciate your site. I teach Texas Studies and find your site helpful for background information. Thanks

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