Zimmerman Telegram “The Temptation” Political Cartoon Analysis Activity (1917)


Political Cartoon 1917: Zimmerman Note

This political cartoon titled “The Temptation” was published March 2 1917. This political cartoon was published in a Dallas newspaper after President Truman shared the interception of the Zimmerman note with the American public. The Zimmerman Note was Germany’s attempt to recruit Mexico as an ally during WWI. Germany was anticipating the United States entry into the conflict (due primarily to Germany’s policy of unrestricted submarine warfare which might include U.S. merchant vessels). Many Americans suspected that Mexico might harbor resentment over the loss of their territories as a result of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (War with Mexico). The message was intercepted by British intelligence and shared with the United States government. Because the message was intercepted before the Mexican government could review it. We will never know how the Mexican government may have responded. Nonetheless, the United States would foster a policy to warm relations with our neighbors to the South.

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