California Red Flag Laws (1919) Primary Source Activity


Political Cartoon: Beat It!: (1920) The flag reads: “Red Rule. Capture all Products. Murder Those Who Enforce the Law. Blow Up Barracks. Liberate Prisoners. Burn Public Records of Indebtedness.”

CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE SECTION 403a – California Red Flag Laws

After WWI, the United States experienced a wave of fear and paranoia of Russian communism called THE RED SCARE. The Russian Revolution and the execution of the Czarist monarchy worried many Americans that anarchists, socialists, and communist sympathizers were plotting to overthrow the capitalist society of America. A large part of this movement was a backlash against the large waves of Eastern Europeans that had migrated to the United States in recent decades. 33 states including California passed RED FLAG LAWS as one response to ban symbols of communism, socialism, and anarchy.

Click on link below to download primary source activity: The activity contains a primary source document – California Penal Code Section 403a including analysis questions. 



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