Is the League of Nations a good idea? Primary Source Essay Activity

Senator Borah  U.S. Senator Borah

Although, the Treaty of Versailles effectively concluded the hostilities of World War I. Elements of the agreement, primarily the creation of a League of Nations met with mixed feelings in the United States. The League of Nations was a central feature of President Wilson’s Fourteen Points. The United States Congress stood opposed toward the ratification of the League of Nations membership. Congress feared that the League of Nations might lead the United States down a path of future conflict as did the Alliance System preceding World War I.  Wilson felt an international organization might be in a position to discuss and mediate differences, thereby avoiding future armed conflicts. With Congress standing the way, President Wilson would be forced to take his case directly to the American people by conducting a city by city campaign by train. Unfortunately, President Wilson would fall to a massive stroke during the journey.

The attached essay activity incorporates two primary sources with differing viewpoints of Senator Borah and President Wilson on the League of Nations membership. Students are asked “Is the League of Nations a good idea?”

Click on link to access activity: Primary Resource Essay Activity


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