Jack and the Wall Street Giants (Gilded Age Political Cartoon with Analysis Questions

Jack and the Wall Street Giants Cartoon by Joseph Keppler

Image Analysis Questions:

1. Historians value political cartoons in part because they are a gauge of what the public knows; the cartoonist’s assumption is that readers will understand the content without being told. If that’s so, what does the Puck cartoon reveal about the public’s familiarity with the great tycoons of the time?

2. Why is the location important? If the issue is business power, why are we being shown Wall Street rather than, say, the headquarters of U.S. Steel in Pittsburgh?

3. Cartoons are also a kind of shorthand, stripping an issue to its barest elements and saying: “This is what it’s really about.” So in this cartoon, with Jack (Theodore Roosevelt) confronting the Wall Street Giants (Morgan, Rockefeller, the railroad tycoon James J. Hill), what’s regulating big business really about?

(America’s History, Sixth Edition)

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