Andrew Jackson : Political Cartoon Analysis Activity

king andrew jackson the first

andrew jackson rats

Image Analysis Questions:

1. The cartoon on the left was inspired by Edward Williams Clay, a Philadelphia portrait painter and engraver who was also a great cartoonist. In 1831, President Jackson’s critics printed 10,000 copies of “The Rats Leaving a Falling House.” Why was this cartoon so popular? What does the use of rats suggest about the tone of politics in the 1830s? What other visual clues reveal the artist’s political grievances?
2. In the image to the right, how does the cartoonist depict the threat Jackson poses to the republic? Based on the material in this chapter, do you think there was any justification for the artist’s point of view?
3. Do these cartoons suggest why Andrew Jackson became a prime target of cartoonists? What was there about his personality, appearance, or political style that made him especially vulnerable to caricature?
4. Why were cartoons like the two here particularly effective as political weapons in the early nineteenth century? How do they work as propaganda? In what ways do they try to persuade their audience?

(America’s History, Sixth Edition)

Click on link to download full document. This document contains two political cartoon images of President Andrew Jackson with analysis questions.

Andrew Jackson Political Cartoons


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