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Golf Team 2013

                                            Aaron Pena                           Elizabeth Narezo                                           Nick Buys Tee’s off….                                   Aaron Pena and Captain Ruben Hernandez                                            Ruben Hernandez having a chat with his golf ball. ….                                                    Eddie Molina enjoying a day at the beach….                                                        Adlai … Continue reading

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Madagascar & Bio-Diversity (Reading Activity with Questions)

 Madagascar is a big island off the southeast coast of Africa. Madagascar is home to a wide range of unique plants and animals. Some 80 percent of the country’s species live nowhere else on Earth. Because Madagascar has been an … Continue reading

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Mexican Migration in America (Reading Activity with Questions)

Migration changes populations, cultures, and economic systems. Migrants are attracted to new areas by pull factors, such as jobs and better opportunities. They leave areas because of push factors, like war, changing economies, droughts, or poor living conditions.  Mexico has … Continue reading

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American Wetlands (Reading Activity with Questions)

Wetlands are areas that are covered with water for at least part of the year. Many different kinds of wetlands exist. They include marshes, swamps, estuaries, and coastal areas affected by ocean tides. Wetlands in the United States range from … Continue reading

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Industrial Revolution : Image Analysis – The Typewriter

Image Analysis Questions: What do typewriters suggest about business practices? How do you suppose typewriters affected the amount of paper used in offices? How could typed and printed forms alter the pace of business? Explain how typewriters might have impacted … Continue reading

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Thomas Nast “Worse than Slavery” Political Cartoon Analysis

  Image Analysis Questions: 1. According to the cartoon, what conditions or events are “worse than slavery”?  2. What view of the Reconstruction policy does the cartoonist appear to be expressing? Click on the link to download full document. reconstruction political cartoon … Continue reading

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Team Martinez visits Dolphin Harbor @ the Miami Seaquarium

My family had a great visit to the Dolphin Harbor facility of the Miami Seaquarium. As a former general manager (10 years ago) of the Miami Seaquarium, I was truly impressed with the new facilities and interactions available in the park – the … Continue reading

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