Sesame Street – Children’s Television Programming – ABC’s with Bert and Ernie (1968)

sesame street

In 1968, the Children’s Television Workshop in New York City changed children’s television. Prior to Sesame Street, children’s television consisted of either pure entertainment or pure education. Rarely, did the two concepts intersect. But Sesame Street introduced a new way to entertain and educate children at the same time.

Employing Muppet – puppets – developed by Jim Henson, a cast of human characters and entertaining skits, Sesame Street captivated children and taught some of the basics of early education. The show not only was enormously popular in its own right, but it also changed the way many childrens television programming was done.

Two of the most popular characters in the show were the Muppets – Bert and Ernie. Their delightful relationship both provided direct instruction and served as a model of how two characters with some eccentricities can get along. The following Bert and Ernie skit, Ernie’s Short Story: The Best Story Ever Written, is an example of the way Sesame Street could bring life to the ABCs of eduction.

– The American Experience: The History and Culture of the United States through Speeches, Letters, Essays, Articles, Poems, Songs, and Stories, by Erik Bruun and Jay Crosby.


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