Black Panthers Party Platform (1964)

black panthers

The Black Panther Party was the most well-known militant black political organization to emerge from the increasingly politicized Black Power movement of the 1960s. Aiming to elevate conditions for black Americans, the Black Panthers engaged in both community-building enterprises and vigorous advocacy efforts. Most of the public focus centered on its more radical, and later illegal, activities which eventually undermined the organization.

This October 1966 manifesto reflected the increasing frustration of black Americans at the lack of progress in overcoming racial prejudice, despite the progress being made in the courtroom and with the civil rights reforms. Using the words of the Declaration of Independence, the party tried to demonstrate the hypocrisy of American democracy.

black panther party platform 1964

Click on the link to download the full document. The document contains the full text of the 1964 platform of the Black Panther Party.


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