George Kennan & the U.S. Policy of Containment

george kennan

By 1947, all pretense of cooperation between the United States and the Soviet Union had been abandoned. Their wartime alliance was over. A new “cold war” between capitalism and communism was underway on a global scale. The emergence of nuclear weapons made the stakes higher than ever.

George Keenan, a policy director in the State Department based in Moscow, was the first person to describe the nature of the simmering conflict and articulate the United States’ policy against the spread of communism emanating from Moscow. He described this “containment” policy in an anonymous article published in Foreign Affairs. The essay provided the framework of United States policy against the Soviet Union for the next forty years. Although Kennan later would say that American policy sometimes veered from this roadmap, his prophecy of lengthy engagement and ultimate United States victory proved correct.

George Kennan & Containment : Download Full Document.

The document contains an excerpt written by George Kennan describing America’s policy of containment against the Soviet Union.


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