Bernard Baruch “Quick and the Dead” U.N. Speech for the Disarmament of Atomic Weapons 1946

atomic bomb 

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended World War II, but it unleashed the difficult problem of what to do with atomic weapons. While in the past new weapons had escalated man’s capacity to inflict damage upon one another, nobody had invented a weapon that could wipe out humanity. Now such a weapon existed.

In 1946, President Truman appointed millionaire financier and influential advisor Bernard Baruch to present a plan to control atomic energy to the recently formed United Nations. On June 14, he delivered this speech in presenting the first proposal to oversee the disarmament of nations. The Soviet Union vetoed the plan and within a few years had developed its own atomic weaponry. The United States could no longer be so forthcoming in its offers to disarm.

Bernard Baruch Atomic Weapons Disarmament 1946 revised

Click on link to download full document. The document contains the speech given by Bernard Baruch to the United Nations on June 14, 1946 for the disarmament of atomic weapons.


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