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President Herbert Hoover & the Bonus Army (photostory)

  This photostory provides a brief description on the WWI Veteran protest on Washington D.C. over their bonuses being withheld for their military service during the Great Depression Era. Advertisements

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Stock Market Crash of 1929 (powerpoint)

Stock Market Crash The attached powerpoint describes the buying and selling of the stock market including a brief recap of the Stock Market Crash of 1929.

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Malcolm X, “The Ballot or the Bullet,” April 3, 1964 (primary source speech)

Civil Rights speech by Malcolm X, discussing the plight of the black man in American society. malcolm x ballot or the bullet

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Richard Nixon, “Vietnamization & the Silent Majority,” November 3, 1969 (primary source speech)

  This attachment contains President Richard Nixon’s speech on his policy of “Vietnamization,” the gradual withdrawel of U.S. troops in Vietnam, and the transition of the South Vietnamese Goverment taking control. The president also alludes to the “Silent Majority,” the belief … Continue reading

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John F. Kennedy, “Ich bin ien Berliner,” June 26, 1963 (primary source speech)

  kennedy ich bin ien berliner speech President Kennedy’s Cold War speech in Berlin, promoting democracy over communism.

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Theodore Roosevelt ,”The Duties of American Citizenship,” January 26, 1883 (primary source speech)

Attached is a primary source speech by Theodore Roosevelt describing why and how Americans should participate in the political process. In addition, this selection includes reading questions. theodore roosevelt duties of american citizenship w reading questions

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