The Kite Runner, 2007 (motion picture)

 The Kite Runner, 2007

The story begins with the friendship of two boys, Amir, son of a privileged father and family, and Hassan, father of their families loyal servant. The two boys are raised together, often, Amir gets jealous of his father’s affections toward Hassan. Afghanistan is a pleasant place for the two boys to grow up. The boys spend much of their time flying kites which are very competitive in thier culture. After, Amir whens a kite competition, Hassan runs to fetch the winning kites as prizes for his friend Amir. Along the way, some young street thugs attack little Hassan wanting the kites. Little Hassan is loyal and brave, and refuses to give up the kites he has collected for Amir. Hassan is savagely raped by the boys. Amir witnesses the incident, but is fearful and does not help out.

After that, seeing Hassan is a constant reminder of his own shame and jealousy. So, he frames Hassan for stealing his birthday watch. Hassan and his father are sent away.

After spending years in California after escaping the 1979 Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, Amir and his father immigrate to the United States. Amir’s father eventually passes away from cancer. Amir marries and has publishes his first novel, all is well in America. The telephone rings, it is an old family friend. What he is told shocks his world, his father has fathered another son, who is in danger in danger under the extremist Taliban government in Afghanistan. Amir chooses to travel back home, facing danger, hoping to save Hassan and his conscience from the war-ravaged and violent Taliban in present-day Afghanistan.



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