Paradox of African American Soldiers WWII (powerpoint)

This powerpoint briefly describes and racial inequality toward African Americans in the U.S. military during the World War II Era.

African-American Soldiers powerpoint….


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4 Responses to Paradox of African American Soldiers WWII (powerpoint)

  1. Patricia Martinez says:

    Very cool powerpoint about racism/segregation of African-American soldiers during World War II. I just read today that de Gaulle wanted French troops to be the first to march into Paris and one of Eisenhower’s aides (I forgot which one) said they all had to be white. Now isn’t that sad?

    • Thank you for the feedback. Yes, the history of discrimination is sad. However, I believe that these issues and histories need to be shared and discussed. Hopefully, our society will continue to foster multi-cultural respect. The chore is unfinished, but looking back, we have come a long way.

  2. christal dunaway says:


    my grand father served in 1943-46 and so did his brother. I am currently doing a history paper on them both but its very hard to find anything on either of them due to the conditions back then can I send you a photo on him in uniform I can seem to find the unit or figure it out plz.

    thanks Sgt Dway..Semper Fi

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