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John Gast’s “American Progress” Portrait Analysis with Guided Questions : Manifest Destiny (primary source art work)

Gast American Progress Analysis    This powerpoint provides an analysis of John Gast’s famous portrait “American Progress” which became a visual representation of Manifest Destiny ideals. In addition, this presentation incorporates guided questions. Advertisements

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PT Barnum – America’s Circus (powerpoint)

P.T Barnum    My daughter Austin is pictured with our family friend and circus superstar Bello. This powerpoint provides a brief biographical description of America’s premier showman PT Barnum and his famous circus.

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Supreme Court Decisions & Constitutional Amendments Review (powerpoint)

Supreme Court Decisions    This powerpoint provides a review of major Supreme Court decisions and Constitutional Amendments.

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Woodrow Wilson’s Declaration of War (WWI) powerpoint

Woodrow Wilson War Message   This powerpoint briefly describes President Wilson’s motives for asking Congress for a declaration of war against Germany during WWI.

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WWI on the Homefront (powerpoint)

WWI Homefront  This powerpoint briefly describes the efforts on the homefront of America during WWI>

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Marshall Plan & the End of Racial Segregation in the Military – Post WWII (powerpoint)

Marshall Plan  This powerpoint briefly describes Truman’s Cold War policy of the Marshall Plan, post- WWII, rebuilding western Europe, and the end of racial segregation in the military.

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Kennedy Assassination (powerpoint)

JFK assassination    This powerpoint provides a brief description of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.

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