Captain America Comic Book (image)

Captain America is my ultimate comic-book super hero. Captain America emerged as a comic book hero during WWII. As the origin goes, a young man named Steve Rogers was anxious to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces to defeat the evil Axis Powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan. Unfortunately, Steve Rogers was turned away at the recruiting station because he was too puny.  Later, he found himself volunteering for a military medical experiment that would create an army of “super physical” fighting men. Shortly, after being injected by an experimental serum, the Chief Scientist was killed by a Nazi secret agent, leaving Steve Rogers as the only recipient of the “Super Soldier” experiment. The experiment was a success.  Steve Rogers was physically transformed into a super physical specimen. Donning an American-flag inspired costume and taking the name Captain America, Steve Rogers would fight for democracy across the globe. Propaganda like war comics were valuable in gaining popular support for the war effort. Captain America’s patriotism and good-will also proved a powerful influence on at least one little kid growing up on the Westside of San Antonio. I spent countless afternoons reading Captain America adventures while sipping my Grape Nehi and chocolate Marathon bars.


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